5) Reporting

One major advantage of using a Cloud POS solution is the live web reporting. Find out how your stores are doing no matter where you are. Read this article to learn about how reports work in Xilnex and how they to access them.

a. Accessing Reports
b. Filtering Reports
c. Exporting Reports
d. Customising Your Own ReportsRead More

Set up automatic email alerts to receive certain reports daily/weekly/monthly according to your business needs. Read this article to learn about how to set up an auto-responder email.

Setting up a Responder

1. Please note that responder emails can only be set for saved layouts. For more on customizing your own report and saving the layout, please see “Reports Overview”.
2. To set up automatic responder emails, go to webapp.xilnex.com
3. Click on the Responder icon.Read More