4) Marketing

Your business may have different customer types with different privileges for each kind of customer group. Follow these steps to set up the different customer types. You may choose to grant different discount levels, or run special promotions per customer type.

Set Up Customer Types

1. Go the System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Client tab go to the Client Type Setting section.
2. Click Add.Read More

Learn how to mass export your current client list to make bulk changes.

Clients can be created in the following ways:

a. Individually from the POS
b. Individually from Client Icon
c. In bulk

Customize your Client List

1. Under your Master Data tab, click on the Client List app.Read More

Set up a membership system that your customers can opt-into. Learn how to set up a membership system and how to renew membership.

a. Set Up a Membership ID
b. How to Renew Membership
c. Setting up Client Membership Renewal Settings
d. Set up Auto Membership upon Purchase of RMXX AmountRead More

Create your own loyalty point system to keep your customers coming back to your store. Follow these steps to learn how to create a loyalty point system, and how to configure the number of points back into cash value to allow your customer to pay with points.

*If you are making new changes to your loyalty point system, do test out your changes in the “training outlet” before going live.

a. Create a Loyalty Point System
b. Configuring Points to Cash Value Rate
c. Run a Birthday Special

Create a Loyalty Point System

1. Go the System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Marketing tab and Loyalty section, look for Payment Amount Factor.Read More

Attract your customers to your store by running promotional campaigns and giving them discounts. Follow this article to learn how to create rules and run rules according to your campaign period and target segment. Once you have created your rules, you may re-use them in the future for different campaigns!

*If you are making new promotions, do test out your changes on the “training outlet” before going live.

a. Create Rules
b. Create Custom Categories for Promotional Rules
c. Create a Campaign Period
d. View the Status of the Campaign

Read More

Vouchers are one-time use codes that grant a customer a certain amount of credit to shop at your store. Coupons on the other hand, can be used multiple times. Follow these steps to learn how to create a voucher/coupon.

a. Create a Redemption Code/Name
b. Create a Voucher/Coupon
c. Enable or Disable your Vouchers/Coupons

Create a Redemption Code/Name

1. To create a voucher/coupon, go to Redemption app under the Marketing tab.Read More

Tag each sale to a staff in order to simplify your operations when it comes to paying commission. Follow these steps to learn how to set up the staff commission.

a. Set Up Commission
b. Pull up Staff Commission Report

Set Up Commission
1. Each commission is set up based on items. Under the commission tab, you can configure 12 different levels of commission. There are 6 commissions following an xx amount, and the other 6 follow a percentage (%).
2. Fill in the commission details accordingly.Read More

Track your staff’s attendance using the clock-in and clock-out system. You may even attach a biometric device to allow for biometric log-ins. Follow these steps to learn how to set up attendance tracking, how to log in one’s attendance and the location to pull an attendance report.

a. Set up Biometric Attendance
b. How to Log In Attendance
c. Attendance ReportsRead More