Vouchers are one-time use codes that grant a customer a certain amount of credit to shop at your store. Coupons on the other hand, can be used multiple times. Follow these steps to learn how to create a voucher/coupon.

a. Create a Redemption Code/Name
b. Create a Voucher/Coupon
c. Enable or Disable your Vouchers/Coupons

Create a Redemption Code/Name

1. To create a voucher/coupon, go to Redemption app under the Marketing tab.


2. Key in the mandatory fields of Redemption Code, Redemption Name (like VC01 and RM50 Credit), and a Group for later tracking purposes. Activation of this voucher/coupon follows the Group information.
3. For Redemption Type, select by Sales or Payment. We recommend this be upon payment. Sales would be dependent on what item is purchased while payment is just upon payment.
4. You may set effective dates here OR later on when you activate the voucher. (The Effective Date (click on the tick sign to allow a range of dates), OR input the Default Valid Days. Default valid days refers to the number of days this voucher will be valid upon its creation. )


5. Next, set a default voucher/coupon prefix if you wish. This will determine the prefix of each voucher.
6. The default voucher/coupon length is always 15, you may add more if you wish.
7. Auto Generate Client Voucher and input the max redemption per transaction if necessary.
8. Save.

Create a Voucher/Coupon

1. Next, go to the Coupon/Voucher app under the Marketing tab.


2. Select whether you wish to create a voucher or a coupon by selecting which tab you wish. A coupon can be used multiple times but a voucher will expire upon redemption.
3. Under Redemption Group, select the group you have tagged to the vouchers/coupons you wish to make.
4. Once selected, the pre-configured information will appear here.
5. Input the number of vouchers/coupons you wish to issue in Quantity.
6. Set which outlet you can redeem this voucher/coupon in Location.


7. Set a Starting Number and then check the Activate button.
8. Set the dates for when customers can use this voucher/coupon. Calculative Expiry simply helps you calculate the end date once you select an effective from date and how many effective days you wish to activate the voucher/coupon.
9. Generate.


10. After generating the vouchers, you will see a list of all the generated IDs. You may print them from the Functions tab -> Print Barcode. (To set the printing format, see Print Product Labels).
11. Confirm.
12. The voucher/coupon code is now ready to be used. When paying with a voucher, just select voucher as the payment method and key in the voucher code. You have to enable payment by voucher to do so. Refer to Payment Methods Setup.


Enable or Disable your Vouchers/Coupons

1. To enable or disable your vouchers/coupons, go to the Voucher Activation & Deletion app under Marketing.


2. Select Activation, Deactivation or Deletion based on what you wish to do.
3. Under the Activation tab, you can see all the used vouchers. You may choose to re-activate them and allow them to be re-used.
4. The de-activation tab allows you to see the list of all the vouchers that have been used already.
5. Use Deletion to delete unnecessary vouchers.


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