Unit of Measurement (UOM)

Items may come in different units of measurement (e.g. by cartons/boxes). Follows these steps to learn how to create multiple UOMs for a single item to streamline your operations.

a. Create a Sub Item
b. Viewing the Sub Item to Parent Item
c. Receiving a UOM Item

Create a Sub Item

1. To create a sub item, go to Bill of Materials under the Inventory tab.


2. In the top right corner under Package Type, select Post-Pack.
3. Generate a new Package Code and Package Name.
4. Select Find Item and choose the parent item.
5. Under the Quantity and UOM column, fill in the quantity associated with this package amount. (e.g. a carton is 24 cans).
6. Save.


Viewing the Sub Item to Parent Item

1. Once the UOM has been created, you can see the sub-item under the Unit of Measurement tab when you select that item.


Receiving a UOM Item

1. When issuing a PO / receiving a GRN for this item, you may now receive the goods using this UOM.
2. Use the correct package code to register the UOM item.
3. The quantity receiving/sold should be reflected appropriately.


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