Transfer Note

A transfer note (TN) is a document that records the transfer of goods from one outlet to another. Use a TN to move your goods internally to and from the warehouse. Follow these steps to learn how to issue and receive a transfer note.

a. How to Issue Transfer Note
b. Deliver Goods
c. How to Receive Transfer Note
d. Partially Fulfilled Transfer Notes

How to Issue Transfer Note

1. If you wish to transfer goods internally, or request stocks from an outlet/HQ, you may use a transfer note. To do so, go to Transfer Note under Inventory tab.


2.Select which outlet you wish to request the transfer from, and add the necessary items you would like to request. For a more efficient way to order stocks based on actual usage and need, use the Reorder Point icon. You may immediately post the items with insufficient quantities to a transfer note.
3. Once done, Confirm.


Deliver Goods

1. Once you have confirmed the transfer note, you may send the goods for delivery.


2. A D.O. will be automatically issued. Confirm the quantities, the delivery details and then Ship when ready.
3. Use the Delivery Order icon to keep up to date with the progress of the D.O.


How to Receive Transfer Note

1. When the goods have arrived at the receiving outlet, the receiving outlet can open the Transfer Note List icon and find the Transfer Note details via transfer ID listed. Double click to open that Transfer Note.


2. Click the Receive button to receive the items.


3. A GRN will appear. You can change the total received quantities here. Once done, confirm the GRN. The SOH quantities in both outlets will be updated accordingly.


Partially Fulfilled Transfer Notes

1. If the quantity of the goods are different than what is listed in the Transfer Note, you may handle it 3 ways:

a. Option 1- Wait for the rest of the stock. If you were expecting 5 and only received 4, confirm the delivery of those 4 goods and the status of the TN will still be “Shipped”. Wait for the outlet to send you the remaining one, and then receive the final quantity on the same TN to complete the TN. You may see the total delivered and the total received quantities status on the TN itself.


b. Option 2- Force complete the TN. If you force complete the TN, you are assuming that the outlet has received all 5. To force complete, select Functions, then Force Complete. Post to adjustment to make the appropriate stock adjustment changes to reconcile the 1 missing stock.


c. Option 3- Cancel the TN and generate a new one. Receiving outlet does not accept the goods or receive the TN, pushing all the stocks back to issuing outlet. Issuing outlet will have to direct complete to receive the goods back. If they wish to send them out again, they have to create a new TN.


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