Table Management System

Customize your table layout via the table management system. Set up your floor plan and
add tables to suit your operations. Follow these steps to learn how to set up a customized
floor plan.

a. Default Layout
b. Enable Floor Plan
c. Add a Layout
d. Add Tables

Default Layout

1. If you wish to just set up a grid system to work with, you may use the default table
management system.
2. Go to Table Management under Master Data.


3. Select Add Area.
4. A prompt will appear asking you to input the Area Name. The Prefix and Postfix adjusts the table code (i.e. add prefix “B” to generate B1~B10)
5. Add in the number of Rows and Column and a start and end number.


6. The area will appear on your screen. Tap on it to show your grid.


Enable Floor Plan

1. If you do not enable floor plan, the default table layout will be in a grid format.
2. If you wish to customize your floor plan, go to System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu. At the Sales tab, go to Current Outlet. Under FnB Point on Sale, check the box for Enable Floor Plan.
3. You may also configure the different colours of the status of that table i.e. what colour it will change into in the system if it is Available/Occupied/Bill/Call.


Add a Layout

1. Once you have checked to enable floor plan, go to Table Management under Master Data.


2. You will be prompted to add in a new name for your floor plan.
3. Now you may add new tables and make adjustments to your plan. If you have an existing floor plan drawn up in an image format, select change background.
4. Import a floor plan into the system.


Add Tables

1. To add a new table, simply select Add New table. A new button will appear on the top left. Drag and drop the button to the desired position.
2. You may change the table size, add a code and also set a colour.
3. Once you have made the necessary configurations, select Apply.
4. Your new floor plan will now appear in the POS upon dine in.


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