Stock Take

Do a stock take to ensure that the SOH reflected in the system is reflective of the actual amount of sellable stock you have in your business. Follow these steps to learn how to do a stock take using the system.

To do a stock take, please ensure that there are no pending Sales Order/ Sales Invoices/ Transfer Notes/ Deliveries to ensure the most accurate and updated stock amount in your store. You will also need to make sure your system is connected to the internet during the course of doing your stock take to ensure accuracy.

a. Blocking Back-Date/Sales to Ensure Accuracy
b. Generate a Stock List
c. Calculate your Stock and Post to Adjustment

Blocking Back-Date/Sales to Ensure Accuracy

1. In order to ensure the highest accuracy of your stocks, you can choose to close your store for a day while the stock count is going on. If you wish to do a stock take by batches, you may block the ability to backdate sales as well as block the sales of certain items for a period of time.
2. In order to block off the ability to backdate sales, go to System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu. Under the General tab, go to the Financial Blockage Setting.
3. Under Effective Date, put in the day of the stock take.


4. To make a group of items inactive (i.e unable to sell/purchase etc), go to the Item Management app under the Master Data tab.


5. Filter to the items you wish to do a stock take for, and click Edit.


6. Uncheck the “Is Active” column to remove active status.


Generate a Stock List

1. When you have decided on a date for your stock take, ensure that your system is connected to the internet and the sync status is 100%. This is because the stock list generated comes from the server.
2. Ensure that you have no pending sales invoice/ sales order/transfer notes/ delivery orders etc for the most updated stock count at the end of the day.
3. Click on the Stock Take app under the Inventory tab.


4. Key in a date, and select New. The data will be queried from the server.


5. Once the data has been queried, a full list of your items will appear here.

Calculate your Stock and Post to Adjustment

1. If you wish to do the stock take via the system, fill in the newly updated stock take amount in the Physical Quantity column.
2. If you want to do it offline, you may export it into a CSV file, edit the quantities, and then re-import the file.
3. If you are importing the files by batches, leave the uncalculated stocks blank, or key in a “0” figure. Once done, rename the sheet to something different for the next upload. Do not import back the same sheet or else the number of existing items will be double-counted.


4. Once you have completed, Save.
5. Post to Adjustment.
6. Confirm all the details once more and then Confirm.


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