Stock Request Management

There are many ways to go about handling your stock request process flow. Read this article to gain a general overview of how to carry out stock requests from an outlet or how to carry stock requests as an HQ.

a. Stock Request by Outlet to HQ
b. Receiving Stock Request at HQ
c. How to set an outlet as HQ/Warehouse

Stock Request by Outlet to HQ

1. To make a stock request from an outlet perspective, select the Stock Request icon under the Inventory tab.


2. Next, select the HQ/warehouse outlet under the Request Stock From dropdown.
3. Add the items you wish to order stock for.
4. You can easily check to see if the warehouse has any available stocks left for re-ordering since the live Av and SOH Quantities for the warehouse selected is listed there.
5. Once done, confirm.
6. If you want to know how much stock your outlet might require, refer to the article Reorder Point.


Receiving Stock Request at HQ

1. To see a full list of all stock requests, go to Stock Request List under the Listing tab.


2. You will be able to see a full list of all pending stock requests and completed stock requests.
3. If you wish to reject a stock request, simply right click on it and select Reject Stock Request.
4. If not, add to a transfer note/sales/purchase order to complete the stock request.


5. Complete the stock re-ordering process by completing the Purchase Order/Transfer Note.

How to set an outlet as HQ/Warehouse

1. To set an outlet as an HQ/warehouse for transfer requests, go to System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Item tab, go to the Transfer Request section. Select the Configure button next to Warehouse Selection.


2. Select which outlet you wish to set as the HQ/warehouse.
3. Confirm and Save.


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