Stock Adjustment

Do a stock adjustment at the end of the business day/week to ensure that the SOH reflected in the system is accurate. Follow these steps to learn how to do a stock adjustment using the system.

To do a stock adjustment, please ensure that there are no pending Sales Order/ Sales Invoices/ Transfer Notes/ Deliveries to ensure the most accurate and updated stock amount in your store. You will also need to make sure your system is connected to the internet during the course of doing your stock take to ensure accuracy.

a. Create Stock Adjustment Type
b. Do a Stock Adjustment

Create Stock Adjustment Type
1. There are many different kinds of stock adjustments depending on your business needs, for example:

a. Write-off / lost
b. Sample
c. Scrap
d. FOC
e. Lost & found
f. Stock take adjustment
g. Free gift

2. You may configure this stock adjustment list, or add on others depending on your business requirements.
3. To create a stock adjustment type, go to System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu. Under the Maintenance tab, go to the Maintenance Setting section.
4. From the drop-down, select Stock Adjustment as your Category.
5. Type would be Type. (If you wish to create lists for category or remark you may do so here)
6. Write in your stock adjustment type (like “write-off”) in the Value String bar and Add.
7. Once done, Save.


Do a Stock Adjustment

1. To carry out a stock adjustment, go to the Stock Adjustment Icon under the Inventory tab.


2. You can see the list of stock adjustment types that you have already pre-configured via Maintenance setting. This is for tracking purposes later on.


3. Add the item code for the item you wish to make an adjustment for in the search bar.
4. The highlighted bars are the configurable columns.
5. If the onhand and available quantities do not tally, there are some goods that are in transit. Be mindful of this as you do a stock adjustment. Ideally, ensure there are no pending items in transit at the time of Stock Adjustment.
6. Input the Adjustment Type and Adjust Onhand Quantity according to the number you wish to adjust for (or the difference in quantities). For example, if you wish to dispose of 1 soft drink, select “Disposal” as the Adjustment Type and add “1” into Adjust Onhand Quantity.
7. Adjust_Up means you wish to add quantities, Adjust_Down means reducing the quantity. Disposal, Internal_Use, Wastage, and Write-Off are all adjustments down.
8. Once done, confirm.


9. In Item List, you can see that the Onhand quantity reduced by 1.
10. You can check stock movements of your goods via the Stock Card app, or check on previous stock adjustments via the Stock Adjustment List app.


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