Set Up Customer Types

Your business may have different customer types with different privileges for each kind of customer group. Follow these steps to set up the different customer types. You may choose to grant different discount levels, or run special promotions per customer type.

Set Up Customer Types

1. Go the System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Client tab go to the Client Type Setting section.
2. Click Add.


3. A prompt will appear asking you to input the customer types.
4. Add the name of the client type under Type.
5. Under Category, you may select Individual or Group.
6. All fields will be configurable under the Group category.
7. Save.


8. Discount Percentage would be the additional discount given to this type of customer.
9. Select a price scheme for this customer, configure how many points this type of customer will receive and a sales type.
10. Lastly, configure any purchase credit limit functions.
11. Create.
12. You can use this function to create wholesale clients, VIP clients, VVIP clients, corporate group discounts etc.

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