Set Staff Commission

Tag each sale to a staff in order to simplify your operations when it comes to paying commission. Follow these steps to learn how to set up the staff commission.

a. Set Up Commission
b. Pull up Staff Commission Report

Set Up Commission
1. Each commission is set up based on items. Under the commission tab, you can configure 12 different levels of commission. There are 6 commissions following an xx amount, and the other 6 follow a percentage (%).
2. Fill in the commission details accordingly.


3. While keying in the POS or issuing a Sales invoice, remember to tag the salesperson for that sale of that item.


Pull up Staff Commission Report

1. For a quick view on staff commissions, you may view a Staff Commission List straight from the system under the Listing tab.
2. Once it is time to pay your staff commission, access the web app to get a more detailed report. Open the Web Report function.


3. Look for Sales Item Commission.
4. Select Show more fields and drag the Sales Person column to the left.
5. The total commission amount owed to each salesperson can be clearly seen from this report for payout.


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