Reports Overview

One major advantage of using a Cloud POS solution is the live web reporting. Find out how your stores are doing no matter where you are. Read this article to learn about how reports work in Xilnex and how they to access them.

a. Accessing Reports
b. Filtering Reports
c. Exporting Reports
d. Customising Your Own Reports

Accessing Reports

1. To access the web reports, go to
2. Click on the Web Report icon.


3. There are already a number of useful default reports for your use.
4. Select which report you would like to see.


5. Select which outlets and the date range of the report.
6. Click on Query Report to generate the report


Filtering Reports

1. Every report is customizable to your business needs and works on a drag-and-drop basis similar to the Excel Pivot Table.
2. If you wish to add in new details into your report, simply select Show more fields.
3. A drop-down of all the available fields will appear. Scroll through them to find what you need. Drag and drop the information you require into the table.


4. There are 3 spaces you may drag the information into. The first bar is for easy-access. Drag the necessary fields into the top bar to have that information ready.


5. The second bar brings that field into the sum bar. Drag fields into the second bar to see the sum values amount.


6. The third bar puts that field into a filter box. Place your field in this box to see the corresponding total sums for this field.


7. Click on the Query Report button once more when you have added in the necessary fields to see the results.

Exporting Reports

1. Reports can be exported as 4 formats: XLSX, PDF, CSV, and RTF.
2. To export, simply select which format from the dropdown and click on the Export button.


Customizing Your Own Reports

1. You may customize your own report at any time from any base report. Once you have made the necessary changes, simply save the new report with a new name.
2. Click on Configuration on the top left.
3. Fill in a new Layout Name and Save As.


4. Your report can be seen from the home Web Report screen under Defined Reports.


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