Receipt Configuration

Xilnex allows you to make customized receipts for your business needs. Follow these steps to learn how to customize various receipts depending on your requirements.

Customizing Your Receipts

1. Navigate to the System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu.
2. Under Printing and Format tab, select Current Outlet.
3. Look for Customization on Printing Format (Windows Print) and tick POS Receipt.


4. Select Customize.


5. You may customize several different kinds of receipt formats.
6. Click on Customize.


7. You will enter into the Printing Designer. In this page, you may configure your receipt to reflect any information you wish. Simply drag and drop any new information found from the Field List into the receipt and it will be updated accordingly. You may also add any additional tables/line/text.
8. Once done, Save.


9. Choose which outlets you would like to apply these changes to, and select Apply.


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