Quick Items

If you have some hot-selling items, you may add them to the quick item category to allow for quick access in the POS. Follow these steps to learn how to add a quick item.

Adding a Quick Item

1. To add a quick item, you will first need to set it up in System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu.
2. Under the Sales tab, scroll down till you see the POS Quick Item Setting section.
3. Configure POS quick item.


4. Input a new profile name in the box on the top right and click the Add button. A profile would contain a list of all quick items. Different outlets may need different quick items and thus separate profiles.
5. You may select that profile from the drop-down on the left. If you wish to add items to a pre-existing profile, find that profile from the same drop-down.


6. Next, scan/input the item code of the item you wish to add to Quick Item.
7. In the Add Quick Item by dropbox, select what category you wish to filter items by. Quick Items will be organized by category before you see the exact item.
8. If you click on the category, you may add an image for easy viewing in the POS.
9. Save.


10.Once done, go to Apply Profile to Outlet. Configure.


11. Select the profiles for each individual outlet.
12. Save.


13. The quick item profile should appear in your POS.


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