Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are sent to your vendors to restock or to purchase new items for sale. Read this article to understand the basics of issuing and receiving purchase orders via the system.

a. How to Issue Purchase Orders
b. How to Receive Purchase Orders
c. Partially Fulfilled Purchase Orders

How to Issue Purchase Orders

1. To issue a purchase order, you may find the Purchase Order icon under the Inventory tab.


2. Select which vendor you wish to purchase from, and then add in the items you wish to purchase.
3. Adjust the quantity of the item you wish to purchase.
4. You may also change the UOM of the item under the UOM column.
5. Once you are done, click Confirm.
6. Once confirmed, the status will change from New to Confirmed.


How to Receive Purchase Orders

1. To receive a confirmed PO, you may go to Purchase Order Listing under the Listing tab.
2. Find the ID of the PO, and double-click on it.


3. Select Receive.


4. A GRN will be prompted by the Receive button. Adjust the quantities of the stock received if you have received less/more than the stated PO.
5. Once done, Confirm.


Partially Fulfilled Purchase Orders

1. If you have received less quantities than the amount ordered, you may handle it 2 ways:

a. Wait for the rest of the stock. If you were expecting 5 and only received 4, confirm the delivery of those 4 goods and the status of the PO will become “Partially Received”. Wait for your vendor to send you the remaining one, and then receive the final quantity on the same PO to complete the PO.


b. Force complete the PO if you are ok with having 4 instead of 5 stock. The PO would be complete and your inventory will be updated with 4 quantities instead of 5. To force complete, select Functions, then Complete. Input a justification remark.


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