Print Product Labels

If you would like to print out your own product labels to stick onto your items, especially for grocery stores, follow these steps.

a. Customize Your Own Product Label
b. Print Your Label

Customize Your Own Product Label

1. Go the System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Printing and Format tab and Customization on Printing Format section, select Barcode Label and Customize.


2. You may customize the look of your own product label using the editor.
3. Save, and then choose which outlets this label format applies to.
4. Apply.


Print Your Label

1. Under the Inventory tab, go to Barcode Printing.


2. Search for and add the items you with to print a label for.
3. You may choose to print the item ID as your barcode.
4. Generate Code to have a print preview of your barcodes.
5. If you have multiple custom formats, a prompt will appear, asking you to select which format to follow.


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