Payment Method Setup

Xilnex supports a number of payment methods for customers. Follow the steps in this article to configure several different payment methods that most suits your business needs.

Xilnex currently supports:

a. Cash payments
b. Credit card payments
c. Cheque
d. Voucher
e. Coupons
f. Points
g. TnG
h. E-Wallet (AliPay, MOLPay, Boost)

Configure/remove payment options for your outlet

1. Navigate to the System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu.


2. Under the Payment tab, you may make certain configurations for All Outlets or Current Outlet.
3. If you wish to allow customers to pay by coupon/voucher, please tick the Enforce coupon or voucher validation box.
4. Click Save.


5. For more payment configurations, go to Current Outlet tab.
6. Under the Sales Payment Method Setting, select all the necessary payment options you would like to offer to your customers.
7. These changes will take effect for your current outlet. If you wish to configure across multiple outlets, you will need to separately log into that outlet to do so.
8. Save.


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