Overview of Xilnex POS

This article will provide a brief understanding of how the POS system looks like and all the
functions we can offer. Learn the basics before moving on to setup your own POS.

1. This POS has 5 main tabs: Master Data, Sales, Inventory, Listing, and Marketing. Under
each tab will be the applications available for those categories.


2. Every time you open a new application, a new tab will pop up for easy access.


3. In the top left corner, you can select this button to prompt the Xilnex Menu. Here you
may change outlet, log attendance or do system configurations.


4. Take note of the first few digits of this tab as they spell out your software version,
username and outlet name. Site ID lists the number of devices linked to this account.
(e.g, this is the 7 th device on this account)


5. Here is a quick search bar for easy access to all the functions available.


6. The green cloud icon here shows the sync status to the cloud. Click Force Sync to
manually toggle a sync.


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