Outlet Price

Some outlets in different locations may have different prices compared to other stores. Follow these steps to configure an outlet price for your store.

How to create an outlet price for an item

1. In order to set an outlet price for an item, you need to fix an outlet price under System Configuration in order to ensure that changes to HQ will not affect this outlet.
2. In System Configuration under Xilnex Menu, go to the Sales tab on the left and change the settings to Current Outlet.
3. Under the Price Scheme section, select the drop-down under POS Price Scheme and choose which price category you wish this current outlet to follow.


4. Once you have configured which price category your outlet price will be tied to, you may go to the item you wish to configure a special outlet price for.
5. Go to Item List to find your item. Double click on it.
6. Under the Pricing tab, you may see that the Use Outlet Price box is available (you may click on it to disable outlet price if you wish).


7. You may the see price of all the products across multiple outlets in the Location Price tab.
8. To view the Location Price tab, you may need to toggle Show Location Price under the Settings button.
9. If you have set an outlet price for this good, the prices will be different than the rest.


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