Install your Star Printer and Cash Drawer

Install your Star printer following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can install the latest Star Micron printer drivers directly from the manufacturers’ website here:

Define your receipt paper size (72mm wide)

So that your receipts print out at the correct size, you must define your print size settings in Google Chrome printer preferences.

1. Complete a sale in Neto POS
2. Click “Print Receipt”
3. This will take you to the print preview screen. If the Star printer is not your default printer, click ‘change’ and select the Star printer from the list.
4. Untick print headers and footers and change the paper size to 72mm – 2000mm or 72mm – receipt.

Note: If you do not disable headers and footers, the printer will not auto cut at the main receipt and a URL and other irrelevant information will be printed on your receipts.

Install your cash drawer

1. So that your cash drawer opens when you print a receipt or when you click CTRL + E you must configure it through your printer.
2. Plug the RJ12 connector cable (the one that looks like a phone line) into the receipt printer from the cash drawer.
3. Go to your ‘devices and printers’ control panel on your windows device. This usually found by going to “Control Panel” under the “Start” menu.
4. Right click on your receipt printer and select “Printer Properties”
5. Click on the “device settings” tab
6. Change the Peripheral Unit Type to ‘Cash Drawer’ and set the Peripheral Unit 1 and 2 options to ‘Document Bottom’.
7. Click OK to complete setup

Tip: If you want your cash drawer to open before the receipt prints you can set the Peripheral Unit 1 and 2 options to ‘Document Top’.
To test the cash drawer connection, hit CTRL + E when in Neto POS or print a receipt after completing a sale.

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