How To Set Auto Print Receipt Once Sales Has Been Made ?

In order to set the auto print receipt when sale is made, you will need to go to MENU >> SYSTEM CONFIGURATION

After that, please select PRINTING AND FORMAT >> This Machine. Look for the setting called Auto print receipt and then click on the box, so that a tick will appear in the box. Then on the top right of the screen, you will see a SAVE. Please click on it.


Once the setting has been set, your receipt will automatically print out once the sales is made.



**Please take note that if your sales invoice tab or Point of Sales (POS) tab already open, you will need to re-open the tab so that the
new setting can be implemented. This setting is per computer, it is not applied to Current Outlet or All Outlets.

**If you need further explain or a live demo at your computer, please call our Support Line or email us at


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