How To Create User / Permission?

In order to create new user and set permission, you will need go to MENU >> USER MANAGEMENT.

Step 1

If you haven’t create USER GROUP, click USER GROUP. You may create additional user group to your existing list, if any. If your current user group is sufficient, please proceed to Step 2 directly.



After that, you will be able to see the screen as above. Click Add Group and key in the your desired group name. After that, click OK. With this, you have successfully create your user group. Continue to create if you need to have more group. Example of groups that you may want to create are CASHIER, SUPERVISOR, WAREHOUSE, HQ, ADMINISTRATOR or more.        

Permissions will be assigned to user group.

Step 2

In this stage, we will assign permissions to the user group. If you have no additional permission that you would like to assigned to the

group, proceed toStep 3.

Click on the PERMISSION and select your desired user group. After selecting your user group,  click on the button that is highlighted with yellow colour to expand each section and start to assigned the desired permission to the user group. If you have notice, the user group column will be highlighted based on the user group that you have selected. The system ensure that you have assigned the  permission to the correct user group.

After complete assigning all the permissions under each section to the user group, click SAVE button(highlighted in yellow on the ).


** A tick in each checkbox, represent the user group is allowed to access the transaction.

Step 3

Once all the permissions and user group has fully set up, we can start to create user assign the user to the allowed branch and user group. Click the Account Creation.

You have the option to create a username based on email or mobile number. Please remember to input valid email or mobile number because upon successful creation of username, a password will be sent to to the username that you have created. You may refer the picture below as reference.



Once done with the input, click CREATE USER. The user will be created and you will receive a message saying the creation is successful. Password to enter Xilnex will be sent based on the username. Based on the pictures above, the password will sent to 01422229999 and

If you have notice, there is a DEFAULT OUTLET when you’re creating the user. This section here means that upon creation of this account, which first or default outlet that you would want this user to access. This doesn’t mean that the system restrict the user to access only 1 branch. Please look at the picture below.

After successfully create your user, you will need to select the user from the list and assign its user group. Click Add when you have selected your user group. This will assign the permission available in the assigned user group to the user. For example, User Group , Cashier is being assigned to James.

If you would like to assign the user to access more than 1 branch, you can assign selective branch or select All Branches. Just click Add after finish selecting.

** In this section, clicking Add(Blue Button) is equivalent to SAVE.

The user has been set up and ready for use and to perform transactions allowed by the administrator.

** Users can only be created by Super Administrator. In here, the Super Administrator is the very first username and password created for Xilnex System. Please do not distribute Super Administrator’s password unless that person can be trusted with the account because this account is not restricted to any permission set in the system. 

It is not advisable to allow the cashier or outlet supervisor to have this Super Administrator account if you would like to track the actions done in the system. For example, our system can track when the user log into our system, create transfer note and more.

For your information, Xilnex Support does not hold any user’s password nor keep any password without the consent of the Customer’s Company. You may contact Xilnex Support if you need assistance on how to reset your password.

**If you need further explain or a live demo at your computer, please call our Support Line or email us at

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