Foreign Currencies

Process sales and receive items in multiple currencies. Follow these steps to learn how to handle foreign currencies.

Set up Foreign Currency

1. Under System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu, go to the General tab. Under Current Outlet, go to the Multi-Currency Configuration section. Select the Multi-Currency Configure button.


2. A prompt will appear asking you to input the currency details.
3. Fill in the details of the currency. You will need to manually key in the currency rate you wish to convert to.
4. Keep the Show in Payment line checked if you want to allow this currency to be seen in POS.
5. Once done, Add.


Process Sales with Multiple Currency

1. When the cash button is selected in the POS, a prompt will appear with multiple currencies. Fill in the appropriate currency amount. (Remember to zero-rate the Ringgit section if the ustomer is not paying in Ringgit).
2. The system will auto-calculate the change you should pass your customer.


Sales Invoice using Multiple Currency

1. If you wish to make a sale in a different currency, click on the white bar on the top of the Sales Invoice.
2. Tick the exchange rate button. You can change between viewing in local price or in foreign price by clicking on the words “View Local Price Total” or “View Foreign Total”.
3. Under payment, input the amounts according to which currency you are accepting.


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