Create a Promotional Campaign

Attract your customers to your store by running promotional campaigns and giving them discounts. Follow this article to learn how to create rules and run rules according to your campaign period and target segment. Once you have created your rules, you may re-use them in the future for different campaigns!

*If you are making new promotions, do test out your changes on the “training outlet” before going live.

a. Create Rules
b. Create Custom Categories for Promotional Rules
c. Create a Campaign Period
d. View the Status of the Campaign

For a list of rules you may wish to configure:

i. Flat discount
ii. Buy 1 Free 1
iii. Buy 2 Free 1
iv. Buy 2 X Get Y at 50% off
v. Buy 2 items at RM X.XX
vi. Buy X and Y at RM X.XX
vii. Gift With Purchase (GWP)
viii. Purchase With Purchase (PWP)

Create Rules

1. In order to create promotional campaigns, you will need to access the web app function.
2. Open your browser and go to
3. Select Promotion.


4. Follow Step 1 to Create New Promotion Rules.


5. Fill in the Name and Description of your new rule.
6. Under Customer Type, select which client group you wish to apply this rule to. You will have to pre-configure the customer type beforehand. Follow the article “Set Up Customer Types” to find out how.


7. Choose if you wish to allow this rule to run throughout the day.
8. The Priority Setting will determine the priority listing of this rule, and the promotion process sequence determines which items this rule would be applied to (e.g. cheapest first means that only the cheapest items would receive this promotion).


9. Moving on, under Match Type, select which items this promotion would apply to. If you are offering a store-wide discount on all items, select All Item, and add. For more information on how to group your items into custom categories for a promotion, please refer to below.


10. Under Rule items listing, you may only choose between Effect Type OR Transaction Condition per rule. But you may create multiple rules to create your own.
a. Effect Type would be what effect would be applied to the items like Discount % etc.
b. Transaction Condition sets the condition for when this promotion would be applied to the item.


11. The order of the rules matter. If you wish to have conditional rules like ‘buy one, free one’, add 2 rules. The bottom section will be the base rule while the one on top would be the discount. Use this logic to make your own rules!
12. Tick Recurring to allow the rule to be applied more than once.


Create Custom Categories for Promotional Rules

1. There are 15 custom categories available in Xilnex under the Custom Fields tab. However, only the first 5 custom fields are available to be used for promotional tagging.
2. If you wish to run a promotion on a generic category of products, select Item Category as your rule’s match type. Then, select which category from the dropdown below.


3. If you wish to run a promotion on a certain group of items, (that are above RRP 500 etc) that do not have a generic category, you may group these items into a custom field. Again, do take note only the first 5 fields can be used for promotions.
4. You may group those items by going to Item List in Xilnex, filter by your requirements. Highlight all and right click on a selected custom field. Go to value editor, new value and change the name to something easier to identify (e.g. 500promo)
5. Now that you have a custom field with the items you wish to give a promotion for, in the web app, you may choose Custom Type as your match type. You can find the new custom field there.

For a list of what kinds of rules you may want to configure, refer to the list below:
a. Flat discount
i. Match type all item. Fill in the discount amount in the % box.


d. Buy 2 X Get Y at 50% off
i. Under Match Type, select Item Code and type in the 2 item codes you wish to give the discount to. The bottom 2 rules are X and the top rule is Y with a 50% discount effect.


e. Buy 2 items at RM X.XX
i. If this promotion applies to all items, then match type is all items.
ii. If this promotion applies to single items, input their item code.
iii. Transaction condition for the top rule would be the XX amount for 2 items.
iv. 2K

f. Buy X and Y at RM X.XX
i. Same as above but input separate item codes.

g. Gift With Purchase
i. Same concept as buy one free one. If you wish to allow a free gift X, then make sure the top rule with an effect type of 100% is applied to that specific item code.

h. Purchase with Purchase
i. Buy good A and have 20% good B. Ensure that the top rule is item code B and effect type is the discount amount.


Create a Campaign Period

1. Once you have created all your rules, you may now create a campaign and select which rules apply in your campaign.
2. At the home page, go to Create Campaign.


3. Step 1: Campaign Info – Write a new Campaign Name, select which outlets you want to apply this promotion to, and add a description for easy tracking later on.


4. Step 2: Period – Set a time period of how long you wish this campaign to last. Select the range of dates, what time and day.
5. If you wish to run happy hour promotions, the time period could be 3pm-6pm etc.
6. Once done, select Next.


7. Now check which rule(s) you want to apply during this campaign. It can be a mixture of several.
8. Apply


9. If you wish to run a promotion that is limited by quantity and not by a time period, you may do so by creating a new item and item code of that FOC item, and limit that quantity to the XX amount you wish to give out for. Then when you run a promotional campaign, set the rules to only apply to that item code. Once all say, 100 quantities run out, the prompt will tell you there is insufficient stock left to be sold, and that the promotion has run out.

View the Status of the Campaign

1. You may view the status of your campaigns from the home page.


2. Under the Campaigns tab, you may see all active and expired campaigns. Take note of the colour as the Duration column. Green means active while red means expired.


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