Create a Loyalty Point System

Create your own loyalty point system to keep your customers coming back to your store. Follow these steps to learn how to create a loyalty point system, and how to configure the number of points back into cash value to allow your customer to pay with points.

*If you are making new changes to your loyalty point system, do test out your changes in the “training outlet” before going live.

a. Create a Loyalty Point System
b. Configuring Points to Cash Value Rate
c. Run a Birthday Special

Create a Loyalty Point System

1. Go the System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Marketing tab and Loyalty section, look for Payment Amount Factor.


2. Check the box Point Calculation To Include Tax Amount if you wish to give customer points for their tax amount.
3. Fill in either the Sales Amount Factor OR Payment Amount Factor.
a. If you wish to give customer points based on their total sale, configure the Sales Amount Factor.
b. If you wish to alter the number of points based on payment method (i.e. paying with card gives you double points or paying with vouchers do not give you extra points) then configure the Payment Amount Factor.

Configuring Points to Cash Value Rate

1. To configure the cash value rate of your points, refer to Cash Value Rate. Putting 100 points to $1 would mean that it takes 100 points to redeem something worth $1.


2. This Cash Value Rate will be reflected in the POS upon sale.
3. Save.

Run a Birthday Special

1. You may choose to add in a Birthday Factor to run a Birthday Special for your customer. Businesses usually grant their customers x2 loyalty points if they shop during their birthday week/month.
2. Configure the Birthday Factor to be 2 if you wish to give double points etc.
3. You may also set the duration of this birthday promotion.


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