Connecting your mPOS+ Terminal

Add your mPOS+ terminal into the system so that all credit card payments will automatically flow to the terminal without any additional manual input. Read more to learn how to link your mPOS terminal to the POS.

Install Datecs Driver

1. Install the Datecs Driver for the mPOS terminal.

Connect Your Device

1. Turn the mPOS device on and connect it via cable to your computer.
2. Find out which COMport your device is connected to via Device Manager.

Connect to Terminal in Xilnex

1. In System Configuration in Xilnex Menu, go to the Device Configuration tab. Under This Machine, find the Credit Card Terminal section. Tap on “Add Softspace COM port”.


2. Key in the Device Name and select which COMport the mPOS is connected to.
3. Save.
4. Your mPOS is ready to be used. All credit card payments will immediately be sent to the mPOS.


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