Barcode/ Item Code Generation

Item codes are mostly used for internal tracking purposes. You may use your own prefixes to best identify your own products. Barcodes are generic codes that are often tagged by your supplier and re-used to sell your products. While you may manually generate both item codes and barcodes for your business, you can also auto-generate new ones for your products.

To find out how to print barcodes, go to “Printing Barcodes”.

Auto Generate Item Codes/Barcodes

1. In order to auto-generate an item code, go to System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu.
2. In the Item tab under the Code Generation section, you can configure your requirements for auto-generation of the code.
3. You may choose to generate item code by pre-configuring various categories from the dropdowns.
4. If Append with Item ID is checked, it means the Item Code generated for that product will be reflective of the total number of items generated by the system. (e.g. if you have logged 100 items, the item ID would be 100). Hence, the item code would be 70100 i.e. site ID (70) -item ID(100).
5. Do note that if you have multiple outlets, you need to ensure that all items are using the same item codes across all outlets as this code follows your site ID; different outlets will have different site IDs.


6. When adding a new item individually, simply leave the item code box empty and the new item code will be auto-generated for you.

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