Attendance Tracking

Track your staff’s attendance using the clock-in and clock-out system. You may even attach a biometric device to allow for biometric log-ins. Follow these steps to learn how to set up attendance tracking, how to log in one’s attendance and the location to pull an attendance report.

a. Set up Biometric Attendance
b. How to Log In Attendance
c. Attendance Reports

Set up Biometric Attendance

1. To set up biometric attendance, you will need to toggle to enable biometric enrolment in System Configuration under the Xilnex Menu.
2. Under the Security tab, go to the This Machine section, and check the box to Enable BioMetric.
3. Save.


How to Log In Attendance

1. Attendance can be logged in 2 ways. On the main page, simply click on the clock symbol and it will take you straight to the Employee Attendance Tracking Site.


2. Find your username and then input the password before clicking on the Clock In or Clock Out buttons.
3. Once someone clocks in, the clock in information can be seen on the bottom.


4. Another way to access the Employee Attendance Tracking site is by going to the Attendance tab under the Xilnex Menu.


Attendance Reports

1. To get an attendance report, log into
2. Select the Web Report icon, and select on the Attendance List tab on the left.


3. Select which outlets and the date range you wish to see.
4. Click on Generate to see the report.


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