Assigning Vendors to Items

In order to easily create Purchase Orders of the correct items to the right vendors, assign your vendors to a list of items. Follow the steps in this article to assign vendors to products individually or in bulk.

In order to assign a vendor to an item, you will need to fill in that vendor’s information. Please refer to the article “Adding Vendors”

Once you have completed creating a vendor list, assign Vendors to products in the following ways:
a. Individually
b. In bulk

Individually from Item List Icon

1. Under Item List, find the item you wish to link to a vendor to. Double click on the item.


2. You may quickly link this item to an existing Vendor by selecting a Vendor from the drop-down in the Vendor column.
3. Save.


4. If you have more than one vendor for your item, you may add multiple vendors under the Product Vendor tab.
5. Select the vendor from the dropdown and then Add.
6. Save.


Adding Vendors to Items in Bulk via CSV file

1. In order to add vendors to your items in bulk, do take note that any changes to the data will be done according to the Item Codes. Hence, keep the item code column, but you may delete any other unnecessary columns.
2. Under Item List, highlight the row of items you would like to make edits to. Go to the drop-down button on the top right, and select the Export button.
3. Select Export (Lite) to export the file in CSV format.


4. Add in the Vendor details under the Product Vendor tab in the CSV file.
5. If the item has more than one vendor, Use | as a delimiter; i.e. Vendor 1 | Vendor 2


6. Once completed, re-import the file back into Item via Import function in System Configuration.
7. View all the items tied with your vendors using the Product Vendor List icon.


8. Filter by vendors to see all the items tied to that vendor.


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