Adding Vendors

Learn how to add your vendor details into Xilnex so that you can quickly create purchase orders in an efficient manner. Follow the steps in this article to create a new vendor individually or in bulk.

Vendors can be created in the following ways:

a. Adding Vendors – Individually
b. Adding Vendors – in Bulk via CSV file
c. Editing Vendors – In Bulk via CSV file

Adding Vendors – Individually
1. Add vendor’s using the Vendor Icon under the Master Data tab.


2. Input the Company Name and also a unique Vendor Identifier Code.
3. Save.


Adding Vendors – in Bulk via CSV file

1. Vendors can also be added in bulk using the import function. Download sample templates and populated them accordingly. All files have to be imported via a CSV file.
2. To find sample templates, open the Xilnex Menu and select System Configuration.


3. Go to the Import sub-section, and Generate File Format under Client. Once you have completed all the necessary data inputs, Import the same CSV file back into the system using the Import key.


4. Please ensure that all the Vendor Identifier Codes are unique while updating the CSV file.


5. Once completed, view all your vendors using the Vendor List icon.


Editing Vendors – In Bulk via CSV file

1. If you wish to make edits to your existing vendors in bulk, go to Vendor List.
2. Under the top right function button, select Export. Export to Lite version to receive a CSV file.
3. When you have exported the file, make the necessary changes in CSV/Excel and then import the file back via System Configuration.


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