Adding Items to a Product Category

Add items to a product category in order to easily keep track of that group of items. Follow these steps to add items to a new product category whether individually, or in bulk (whether via Item List or CSV file).

Please ensure that you have already created a product category for these items. For steps on how to create a new product category, please refer to the article “Add a Product Category”.

A new product category can be added in the following ways:
1. Individually
2. In Bulk via Item List
3. Adding/Editing Multiple Items to one Product Categories via CSV file


1. Navigate to the Item List icon under the Master Data tab.


2. Find the item you would like to add a product category for and double-click on it.


3. On the main Item section on the left, open the dropbox under Category and select your product category.
4. Save


In Bulk via Item List

1. Assign multiple products to a category in bulk via Item List.
2. Go to Item List under the Inventory Tab.
3. Highlight the desired category column of the item you wish to make changes for.
4. Right click and select Value Editor.


5. Fill in the name of the category under New Value in the bar and Confirm.
6. Those products will change to that category.


Adding/Editing Multiple Items to one Product Categories via CSV file

1. Assign a product category to multiple items using the import function. All files have to be imported via a CSV file.
2. In order to add/edit pricing in bulk, do take note that any changes to the data will be done according to the Item Codes. Hence, keep the item code column, but you may delete any other unnecessary columns.
3. Under Item List, highlight the row of items you would like to make add/edit barcodes for. Go to the dropdown button on the top right, and select the Export button.
4. Select Export (Lite) to export the file in CSV format.


5. Make the necessary changes in the CSV file (Item Codes are a mandatory field) and re-import the file back via Import function in System Configuration.



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