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Learn how to add an item to be sold on Xilnex. Follow these steps to manually add a new item, create a new item from an existing item, or import your items in bulk through a CSV (comma separated values) file.

This article describes how to create regular products. For other product types, refer to the following additional articles:

Serialized Products
Product Matrix
Weighted Products

Products can be created in the following ways:

a. Individually
b. Creating New Items from Existing Items
c. Adding Items in Bulk via CSV file
4. Editing Items in Bulk via CSV file


1. Select the Item icon under the Master Data tab.


2. Fill in the Item Code and Item Name.
3. If you do not know what to fill in under Item Code, you may leave it empty and the system will generate one for you. To find out more about item code generation, please refer to Barcode/Item Code Generation.
4. You may fill in any additional item information that you may wish to track (e.g. Category, Type, Brand, Model etc) into the fields provided.
5. Once done, remember to Save.


6. To add an image, select the + sign on the right. Upload your image here.


7. Refer to the side tab if you wish to input additional information for this product.
8. Save


9. Once completed, select the Item List icon under Master Data to see a list of all your items.

Editing Items

1. In order to edit items, go to the Item List.
2. Find the item you wish to edit and double-click on it.
3. Edit accordingly and save.


Creating New Items from Existing Items

1. If you wish to create an item that is similar to an existing product, go to the Item List.
2. Double click on the item you wish to mirror.


3. Select New, and after that, New Item. Change the Item Name and Item Code, and any other details that are different.
4. Save.


5. You may manually assign item codes, or auto-generate them. For more information on how to auto-generate item code, please refer to the “auto-generate item code” article.

Adding Items in Bulk via CSV file

1. Items can also be added in bulk using the import function. Download sample templates and populated them accordingly. All files have to be imported via a CSV file.
2. To find sample templates, open the Xilnex Menu and select System Configuration.


3. Go to the Import sub-section, and Generate File Format under Item. Once you have completed all the necessary data inputs, Import the same CSV file back into the system using the Import key.


4. Please ensure that all the Item Codes are unique while updating the CSV file.


Editing Items in Bulk via CSV file

1. In order to edit your items in bulk, do take note that any changes to the data will be done according to the Item Codes. Hence, keep the item code column, but you may delete any other unnecessary columns.
2. Under Item List, highlight the row of items you would like to make edits to. Go to the drop-down button on the top right, and select the Export button.
3. Select Export (Lite) to export the file in CSV format.


4. Make the necessary changes (Item Codes are a mandatory field) and re-import the file back via Import function in System Configuration.


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