Add New User Staff Accounts

Setup your individual staff accounts in order to allow them to log into the program and begin processing sales. After following these steps, your staff will have individual login accounts with user permissions according to their role in your business.

This post is divided into 5 parts:
Creating User Accounts for Staff
Creating a User Group
Managing User Permissions
Resetting Passwords for Staff
Creating User Accounts for Staff

Create individual accounts for your sales in order to track your staff’s individual performance in your store.

1. Open the Xilnex Menu and select User Management.


2. To create a new user, select Create New User, and enter:-
Username [We recommend inputting the staff’s phone number instead of email for quick access] a. Name
b. Contact Details
c. Default Outlet
d. Login Device Restriction

3. Select Create User once completed.


4. Once completed, your staff will receive their login password via SMS/email.


5. You may assign your staff to a user group, and control which outlet they are able to log into. Select Apply once it is done.


Creating a User Group

Assign your staff into separate user groups in order to control what each user group can do within the system. Common user groups are admin, manager, and cashier.
1. To create a new user group, select User Group, and fill in the name of your new group in the box. Select the green + sign to create the new user group.
2. Your new user group will appear below.


3. Add individual staff users into your group by selecting the user group, and clicking the green + sign on the top right corner.
4. A full list of all your staff users will appear. Select those you wish to add to this user group and click on the green tick sign on the top right corner to add them into your group. Select Apply once it is done.


Managing User Permissions

You can control what your staff user can do within the system by assigning them to a user group and defining the permissions of each user group.

1. In order to control what permission each user group has, select Group Permission.
2. Choose which user group you would like to change permissions for.


3. A full list of customisable permissions will appear. These permissions can be filtered by the 11 tabs on top.
4. You may also configure these settings in an excel file if you wish to. Just select export, edit them in excel, and then import the file back into Xilnex.


Resetting Passwords for Staff

1. If you wish to reset your password, simply select Forgot Password during the log in screen.
2. Fill in your Username, and select Request. A PRVC code will be sent to you via SMS or email.
3. Fill in your Username and the 4 digit PRVC code that you received, and Submit.
4. You will receive a new 6 digit password via SMS or email.


5. Alternatively, you may change your password via User Management. Select Change Password and then fill in your current password, new password and confirm your new password. Once done, select Change.


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