Add Images to Items

To make things easier for your front liners to accurately identify the items that are being sold, you may add the items images into the POS. Follow these steps to learn how to add images to an item one at a time or upload the images in bulk.

a. Add Images One at a Time
b. Upload Images in Bulk

Add Images One at a Time

1. In Item List, select the product you wish to add an image to.
2. Select the image icon on the right. You may immediately upload a photo from your device here.
3. Save.


Upload Images in Bulk

1. If you u wish to upload images in bulk, go to System Configuration in the Xilnex Menu. Under the Import tab, select Import under Item Image.
2. Please ensure that the image file name is the same as your item codes. (You may export out a list of all your item codes from Item List). The name of the image file and the item codes are case-sensitive. Please ensure the capitals and spacing are all the same.


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